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Celoprackový rastúci ergonomický nosič z neuveriteľne makkej šatkoviny.

Vhodný od veľkosti 50 približne do 86/92. Ideálne pre novorodencov.

Plynule nastaviteľná výška aj šírka chrbtovej opierky, aj šírka za krkom bábätka.

Mäkkučký bedrový pás, rovné ramenné popruhy s možnosťou prekríženia na chrbte.

Reflexný prvok.

V cene slintáčiky a šnúrkový batoh ozdobený šatkou.


Fullbuckle ergonomic baby carrier, made of unbelievably soft wrap.

Suitable from newborns size 50 up to approx. 86/92.

Adjustable height and width of back panel, as well as width behind baby´s neck.

Soft hip belt, classic shoulder straps.

Reflective stripe.

Price include shoulder straps protectors and bag for the carrier.


Info about the wrap from producer:

Luluna Slings - Driada Warm Frost

60% Combed cotton 40% Bamboo 230 gsm Draw release Dec 12, 2023


This wrap is absolutley amazing. This is first time when we mix red and petrol and it looks amazing! This is little bit Christmas mood but this colorway you can wear whole year! Natural bamboo will make your babywearing pure pleasure!

Driada pattern has magical meaning. In English, or perhaps in your language, it is known as Dryad. In Greek mythology they were tree nymphs or tree spirits. In Greek “drys” means "oak". Thus, dryads used to be specifically the nymphs of oak trees, though throughout the years the term has come to be used for tree nymphs in general.

So please meet Driada Warm Frost. Wrap is very soft and like a butter in your hands, it is for those ones who rather light wraps, it will be perfect for newborns too.

Zumbucca 0+ celopracková (NEWBORN) fullbuckle Driada Warm Frost

189,00 €Price

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